The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The 12 Cities of Middle Earth   

      (a.k.a. "The Climate Change Theory of MOE")

The Twelve Cities of Middle Earth…there’s twelve books right there, plus at least three dozen more for mixed adventures!


 I haven't decided if this will be a book series or perhaps a TV Series like Game of Thornes...except with soap, indoor plumbing, & clothing that stays clean.


After all, we’re talking about Middle Earth - not the Middle Ages - Duh!


Okay, Listen, all of you Creative males, females, and variations thereof, not all the Time Lords were able to return to Gallifrey before the Final War.


A Tardis containing more than 100 settlers crashed and burned 18,000 years ago on Earth, (at the start of the “MIDDLE Phase” of the 27,000 year EARTH Wobble Progression*) and the Gallifrey High Command assumed that all aboard were dead.


In fact, most of the Gallifreyian settlers had survived the crash landing but the Tardis had melted into a puddle of goo, and with it most of the Time Lords technology, before it imploded into an inter-dimensional gravitational vortex that was registered in Gallifrey (and also caused the Earth's wobble in the first place...! )


“Oops! Sorry about that… my bad...” an old wizard named Gilligan, wearing a bright red cloak and a white Fedora muttered to himself, out of ear-shot from the nearby tourists.


"I was eating a "Milky Way."


With only a few simple tools and items commonly found in pockets, the survivors built their first City of Gold, then ventured across the planet, harnessing lightning, magnesium, dolomite and Earth's magnetic lines to power the Great Middle Kingdom.


"The streets were lined with gold to distribute electrical energy instead of hanging all of those ugly wires from wooden poles like you do now." another old wizard, wearing a tall blue pointed hat and a blue cloak, both covered in gold stars, sighed to the crowd of tourists standing in a circle around him.


"You should have seen the HUGE solid quartz sculptures GLOW when they were fully charged!” the old wizard exclaimed as they walked towards the ancient desert ruins of  Abu Gorab!


Perhaps some new Time Lord Characters could be descendants of these early settlers that were stranded here?


And if the current Doctor Who could pass the Torch (or in this case, the Sonic Screwdriver) to a new, younger generation of "Doctor Who Whos" - so the series can continue seamlessly for the next generations of fans - Wow!


And Finally,


Maybe "humans" used to be known as ... "Who- mans"...?!






Now THERE is an Easter Egg I bet you never saw coming!



* ...maybe add another Great Year ... or two... so the ancient structures match the geological evidence...



Middle Earth Timing Update


Oops. Big Mistake.


When I was calculating the time period of Middle Earth I was thinking in a straight line: Beginning, Middle, and End. Example: (27,000/3=9,000|27.000-9,000 = 18,000)


But when I visualized the Earth’s wobble I realized it was actually an inverted cone that makes a complete revolution with its wobble, meaning I needed to have a new labeling system such as when the Earth’s wobble is

"Nearest to the Sun1,

Middle area 1,

Furthest from the Sun1,”

and then as the wobble starts its return it gets labelled as

“Furthest from the Sun2,

Middle area 2,

Nearest to the Sun2”

as the Earth's Wobble rotates back to the starting point.


So new math was needed: 27,000 / 6 = 4500 years for each of the six major phases. 


4500 years for each of six sections…


Can we bring in the Mayan Colander at this point?


The numbers look so familiar, so close...


[Editor’s Note: If the Earth’s Wobble is elliptical and not a circle then each of the six phases could have a unique number of years; for my purposes in this discussion I am just using rounding math to see if the pieces line up to justify further research.] 


City #2: The Astrological City of the Mayan.


Hmm. It's beginning to look like...Astro plus Logical... morphs into Astrological, divided into 12 periods not just six phases, then possibly representing the characteristics of each phase with the characteristics of an animal or recognizable creature? Hmm. Doesn’t that describe the Sign of the Chinese Zodiac?


City #3: The Astrological City of the Chinese


At this point we can now calculate the two phases of Middle Earth as being

27,000 – 4500 = 22,500 Start of Middle Earth Phase 1, lasting for 4500 years

22,500 – 4500 = 18,000 End of Middle Earth Phase 1, followed by 9,000 years of Furthest From the Sun 1 and 2

                18,000 – (4500*2 =9,000) =  9,000  Start of Middle Earth Phase 2, lasting 4500 years

                  9,000 – 4500 =  4,500  End of Middle Earth Phase 2


All I wanted to do was update the time period of Middle Earth after seeing the inverted cone created by the Earth's Wobble, but now I've opened up a new train of thought that needs to be explored - like where the end points are and what phase are we in now?


So what if the Chinese Zodiac can be applied to the Earth's Wobble?


What if the 1969 hippie song "The 5th Dimension Age of Aquarius"  was actually meant to be a WARNING of Climate Change?


 "Let the Sunshine in, baby!"


 "Oh crud! Now the ice caps are melting! Quick - put the sunscreen on!"


Do you know the Zodiac Sign that follows Aquarius, as the Earth moves along the rim of the inverted cone to the area I call "Nearest to the Sun2"? Hmm. It looks like a wet period, doesn’t it?


Maybe learning how to build really tall walls is a good skill to have, eh what?


What if the City of Atlantis is like Miami with really large sea walls, sea walls that keep growing higher with every generation, until the whole city is covered by a geodesic dome covered with water?


City #4: Atlantis, the Water World in the Bermuda Triangle 


You knew that was coming, right?!




City 1: The City of Gold

City 2: The Astrological City of the Mayan.

City 3: The Astrological City of the Chinese

City 4: Atlantis, the Water World in the Bermuda Triangle

City 5: The Astrological City of the Stonehenge

City 6: The Astrological city of the Tiwanaku

City 7: The Underground City of Lalibela

City 8: The Astrological City of Machu Picchu

City 9: The Castle of the 98-Pound Weakling: Coral Castle

City 10: TBD

City 11: TBD

City 12:  The City of Angels


To all the little Geniuses and Astrophysics professors out there:


When the orbit of the Earth and Moon reach their closest point, the gravitational pull is so great that in Southern California it creates a phenomenon known as King Tides.


Is there a similar relationship between the Earth and the Sun when the Earth’s Wobble points the Northern Hemisphere closest to the Sun as opposed to when the Earth’s Wobble points the Northern Hemisphere furthest from the Sun?


Would there be a noticeable effect on such principals of physics as gravity/magnetic attraction, climate warming and climate cooling, chemical balances in liquid and gas, the size of humans and all other living creatures?


Was the last Ice Age in the Northern Hemisphere at the furthest point of the Earth’s Wobble from the Sun, when the Northern Hemisphere is pointed away from the sun and the Southern Hemisphere is aimed at the sun?


Is that when the Ancient Maps of the coastline of Antarctica were created, when the Sun warmed that land mass known as Antarctica and melted away all the ice? It seems likely such maps were passed down and copied through the generations that followed.


Is Global Warming actually the result of the Earth's Wobble pointing the Northern Hemisphere closest to the Sun, and the Ice Age of the Northern Hemisphere happens when the Earth’s Wobble is pointing the Northern Hemisphere away from the Sun?


You’re the smarty pants.


You tell me.


Climate Change based on the angle of the Northern Hemisphere relative to the Sun sounds more plausible (and easier to make computer models of) than saying that Climate Change is caused by Cow Flatulences.


If that calculation is too easy, what happens when you “plug in” the rotation of our solar system, the gravitational pull of both our neighboring planets and the planets and suns of other solar systems as we all spin together in the greater Milky Way Galaxy rotating in our webby-wobbly orbits?


Have fun with that mathematical formula! 


Enjoy the Adventure!


I call this new concept of linking Climate Change to the Earth's Wobble


"The Climate Change Theory of MOE" (copyright, 2017), Gilligan not included...!


Please feel free to use this exciting new phrase as you discuss the real reason for Climate Change...the Earth's Wobble!


Stay tuned for more announcements and updates as the creative juices keep updating the story lines…


 A splendid time is guaranteed for all!


And please remember to  “Get Moe – Morris Lee, that is!”


Thank you very much,


Morris Der Kat



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