The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

Family Photos

Here she is_ the most wonderful mother in the whole wide world!!!


I love you Mom!


I will always love you!

This is a painting of the family farm that my Mom grew up in, just about 7 miles from Goshen, Indiana. Her dad raised about 50 head of cattle, grew his own corn to feed the cattle, and had several acres of christmas tree pine trees.

This is the picture of my grandpa Orville as a young boy. In WW1 he learned how to string communictation cable, then he came back and started the New Paris Phone Company!

He was a BIG man, especially back in the early 1900's -he stood about six feet, seven inches and over 200 pounds, so he was a presence everywhere he went!

This is the first page of the family tree that my Mother wrote.

This is the second page of the family tree.

Yes, that's me as a youngster, when class photos were in black and white...

This is my Grandma and Grandpa L.


I wish I could have seen them more when I was growing up.


Enjoy your grandparents while you can!

This is my grandmther in a field of flowers. My cousin Mary Ann took this picture and it remains one of my favorites.


This picture always reminds me of one of that one scene in the movie Soylent Green...where the old man goes and watches a movie about flowers and trees before being "processed"...     ...

This was my Grandma's obituary that I saved and read at times to remember her.


My grandma L. was such a loving, gentle person!


Mom loved her Cubbies! She had a special room all fixed up with her Cubs memorabilia and she truly enjoyed showing off all of her valuable souvenirs to all of her vistiors.


This might be the year - !!!

Mom took the foul ball I caught at a San Diego vs Cubs playoff game to a Cubbie event, featuring Richie Hebner, and she had more than ten players offer to sign the ball!


She was soooooo happpy! I love you Mom!

Here's Mother Phyllis Jean with her good friend Marilyn and a swanky party in Washington D.C. I don't recall the event but this was one of her favorite photos, a time when everything was just right...

This was my Mom's 75th birthday party at her favorite resteraunt "The Ozark House". That's me on the left, then brother K2, Mom in white,oldest brother K1 (a.k.a. HIS Gay Pedophile Daddys'  "Enforcer") and brother M1.

When you look at brother M1, do you see how his photo just doesn't look quite right, like it was photo-shopped in? It's not, it's just the perception of the black suits. M1 passed away on the first birthday of our mother after her passing, spurred on by the evil Becky/Rebecca and her heartless, greedy ways...

This is my brother Marcus Allen and my Mother Phyllis Jean. She loved wearing wildly colorful outfits to help cheer up everyone around her.


Marc took care of her for more than 30 years, until his brother K1 came and took her away with no discussion and consideration of what she or what the other brothers wanted. They were very, very close and her loss, TWICE, became too much to bear.

This is me and M1 at my Mom's condo in Bloomington Illinois.


He had just woke up and hadn't had his first cup of coffee, while I was posing like a Richard!

This is my brother M1 and K2 in front of the WW1 memorial at Miller Park in Bloomington. They were always studying military campaigns and reinacting them with little toy soldiers, tanks, etc. that often numbered in the thousands of pieces...!


This photo in front of the Army sculpture seems so fitting of their youth.

This is my Mom, Me and my best friend for 30+ years, Renato. We took her to Tony Roma's steak house in Glendale, CA which is similar to her favorite resteraunt, the Ozark House in Bloomington, Il.

This is me and a fellow snake-charmer in Iowa. Our backyard was full of snakes! One day dad was drunk and told us to take our snakes to the local newspapers to have our pictures taken, and being little kids, we did.


What a rukus! I can still hear all the ladies in the office screaming, jumping up from their chairs and papers going everywhere! Then a brave photographer led us outside, put the white paper down and took our picture. The snake I was holding was more than three feet long!


I quit catching snakes when I presented a shiny black one to a neighbor man and he said it was a poisonous bow snake.

A Parable of the Baby Boomers Drug Culture

My brother K2 wasn't just a Boy Scout as a teenager - he was an OUTSTANDING Eagle Scout, a natural born leader, popular and well liked by his fellow Scouts.


This is a picture of the sash that he would wear on top of his Boy Scout uniform, like a General displaying all his medals!


Each patch represent the broad range of his field of expertise, in all varieties of camp life, from preparing a fire in the rain to mending a broken arm, brother K2 could do it all!

While still in High School, his oldest brother K1 became jealous of his younger brothers and encouraged them to use (and sell for him!) all manner of illegal street drugs, including LSD (with exotic names like windowpane, orange barrel, purple sunshine, etc.), magic mushrooms, uppers, downers, and all that junk that was popular during the Baby Boom "Drop Out and Drug In"generation…


One day K1 gave some tainted LSD to his 16 year old brother K2 and brother K2 went on a "bad" acid trip and never really came back...


K2 used to be enthusiastic, optimistic, and a leader of fellow scouts, but after taking that ONE hit of acid his whole life was RUINED!


You see, brother K2 turned into a paranoid schizophrenic, often with violent outbursts, and he lashed out at everyone around him. Even to this day he still has many challenges and physical difficulties but he has learned how to control the beast inside and he has found great peace with God.


So LISTEN UP- Don't let anyone - and I mean ANYONE (especially an older brother or a sister or ANY relative, or even a BFF!) - don't let ANYONE convince you that taking illegal street drugs is safe!



Our Mother Phyllis Jean did not know why her second-born son had changed so dramatically and so quickly.


She thought he had emotional problems related to her husband always beating him and she tried to console him, not knowing that he had actually been poisoned by the LSD given to him by her first born son. 


Oldest brother K1, as he likes to do, pretended he did not know anything about what happened. He knew the drugs were bad but he had to make his profit, so he sold the drugs anyway. He refused to take responsibility for the harm he caused. That is what drug dealers do -they lie, cheat and steal!


I even heard him once say that it was K2's own fault, that K2 had an inferior mind, even though K2 was only 16 years old when K1 started giving him LSD/acid!!!


You cannot escape your past, K1, like your DADDY used to do so very often!!!


There are now computers and cameras and digital records of every move and action that you have taken. How does it feel to know the eyes of the world are looking at ALL of your foul, evil deeds for the past forty years?


You need to make things right with your ONLY remaining brother K2.


YOU took away his WHOLE LIFE!!!  40+ YEARS - so you could make your $5 in profit!


You are a DISGUSTING "Earth-thing"!


You can't just shrug your shoulders and walk away like your Daddy used to do so very often.


Someday it will be revealed that you, too are wearing the Emperor's Robes  and everyone around the world will puke at the website of your hideous naked old body!




When you take your last breath and close your eyes, that is when you will see me again, brother.


That is when you shall see the scales of a Libra tip one way or the other.


Your actions from this point forward will seal your future fate.


Repent now, brother, and make Restitution to those you have wronged or be prepared to face


Mortal Kombat!




PS- Have a nice day!


After Brother K1 reads this, I fully expect that he will use his underworld connections to have me “silenced” for revealing his family secrets of drug dealing, gay pedophilia/incest, drug abuse, greed, etc. etc. etc.


My only protection is YOU.


I need to ask YOU to contact his Priests and his Faith to intervene by using the Contact Button below.


The words and actions of Becky/Rebecca and half-brother K1 are so easily verified.


The Daily Pantagraph (the local newspaper) and the McLean County Sherriff’s Dept., as well as the Bloomington Police Dept., all have criminal records of brother K1's arrest in the first Tri-County Illegal Drug Bust (Mclean, Peoria, Pekin) and his off shore bank accounts in St John's island will probably be discovered by the US Government very soon.)


( I also hope the State of South Dakota Dept of Children Services takes a closer look at the little boy you started to adopt and then returned -why?


Didn't he want to take a naked shower with you, like you and your gay pedophile daddy did when you were a young boy?!) PUKE!!!




Please  - take a moment to visit the Contact page and send a brief text to the Priests of Becky/Rebecca .


Thank you very much!

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