The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

I, Frankenfoot...

Here is a look at some of my more interesting X-rays...

I was walking in the park one, I wasn't trying to chew gum at the same time, I was crunching on a lemon drop, when I suddenly stepped into a camoflaged hole belonging to rat-zilla,  a giant rat.


Both sides of the Right ankle "yoke" snapped off and my foot became a "floppy".



Back when I was a teenager, a drunk driver ran a light and hit my 1974 Toyota Corolla almost head on. My Left leg was snapped with bones sticking out of the skin.


This was before windshields were shatter-proof. In the ER they pulled a two inch piece of glass from my neck, right on top of the artery, and when they pulled it off the blood squirted out and splashed all over the big mirror light overhead.


The last thing I remember was seeing my Mom pass out and brother K2 caught her. I also had a five inch skull fracture on the top of my head. Before going into a coma (again) I heard the ER priest performing the Last Rites on me. I saw Death itself and I fought back, determined to keep my chi alive.


My Mom's husband settled the case for pennies, hoping instead that the rich landowner father of the drunken son would invest money with him, but that never happened.

I also have some fractures in my lower back.


Is this a Rorschach Inkblot Test?


What do YOU see?


Perhaps you see a grinning Angel wearing an Avengers mask? Or if you take a step back, maybe you see something that you shouldn't see, something reminiscent of the Shroud of Turin?  


Relax, it's just an X ray of my hip and the mysterious, ahm, magical... General Glowmember...


(“Oh, Behave, Gabriel!”)


(This is an actual, unretouched X-ray taken about 20 years ago.)


So, can you do better than that, Rudolph, with your glowing nose?


eh, what?


oh-quite do have your own song...


Well, all I can say is:


"Some people call me Maurice..."





Eddie Murphy almost got it right with the movie Golden Child.


The censors couldn't very well approve a movie about a little boy with a glowing appendage so instead the character had a glowing finger...whaaaat!?!


Do not be alarmed if your am/fm/uhf transmissions are "disrupted" in my presence... the government VA doctors have said there is nothing to worry about, it's just my "magnetic personality"...ladies? One line please...!


Like me Momma used to tell me "Everyday that you wake up is a good thing!"


"Go make it a Great Day!"




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