The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

Morris In Manilla

Here is another Gump incidcent of note. Some of you may remember the "People Power" revolution in the Phillipines in Feb 1986, when President Marcos and his family had to leave the country.


What an exciting time to be in a foreign land!

This is a scan of my "Ticket to Ride" on the last commercial passenger jet  to land at the Manila International Airport before the People Power revolution began...



They even had to move an Army tank off the tarmac so we could land!

That's me on the boat dock of the Malacanang Palace, less than an hour after President Marcos and his lovely wife Imelda (with the beautiful hair) had to take a boat to a helicopter site on their well-publicized departure to Hawaii. He loved his country so much that he left without incident.


As a young man he had seen his beloved Capital City of Manila when it was known as the "Pearl of the Orient"; then he saw it  reduced to nothing more than stone rubble from all of the bombings of World War 2. He was determined NOT to see his Country torn apart again and the country he had worked so hard to unify once again reduced to rubble.


Sometimes it is very hard to be the Bigger Man, to say goodbye to that which is most precious, for the sake of peace and harmony for the generations yet to come. You cannot judge the past using the knowledge of today.


Politics is a dangerous business, and all politicians have many enemies, not just one. Who can say what true drama and intrigue was interwined with the players of Ninoy Aquino some 50 years ago? Evidence can be tampered with, foreign agents can come and go, spurned lovers are friends that are hard to keep close..."Hell hath no Fury like a woman scorned." is a truism I have heard before.


President Marcos saved his country twice, both during and after his time in space.


Let him Rest in Peace in the ground he so loved. Be the bigger man, Mr. President. Do the right thing.


As we walked to the car we noticed the looters had starting taking things out of the Palace. They were very scary looking people. My handlers suddenly slapped me on the back and shouted those famous words:


"Run, Morris, Run! "




“Run You Clever Boy – and Remember Me!”


as they became really concerned for my safety.


The bottom picture was taken in front of the Statue of President Rizal, a national hero, with a few thousand friends and neighbors...


So, here I am at Rizal Park with a few million Filipinos on what was billed as "Thanksgiving Day" after the transition of power.


I was able to make my way to in-front-of the big white Grandstand and flash the "Laban" sign to the new President Cory Aquino, and for just a second we had "a moment" when she saw me standing out in the crowd, smiled and waved as she waved to everyone in the crowd. That's a memory that I will never forget.


The middle picture shows telephone yellow pages that were shredded and thrown out of the office buildings in support of the new government.


The bottom picture was taken in front of the new Shoe Mart store (like a Macy's) in Manilla with my Impersonation of Magnum P.I., a popular TV show at the time.


Yes, I have autistic moments, but I've been taught to keep my clothes on in Public, which I do now, at least most of the time!



So one day I went with a Vice Mayor of a barrio outside of Manila. At first we went to the home of a very old woman who was very poor and her son had just died. They were so poor that they had to "rent" a coffin, and the son was on display in their living room. It was very sad.


I left her all the money I had on me, not knowing what the currency was worth but it had lots of zeros, and the old lady was very grateful and had tears running from her eyes. It was so very touching that someone so poor would make such great sacrifices just to pay tribute to a loved one that passed. It still makes me cry to think of her gesture...


Later, we met with some locals and had lunch. It was  a lot of fun - it reminded me of my Army days when we would camp in the boondocks. I had a great meal and some fresh sweet corn that was more flavorful than any sweet corn I had ever had in the States!


On the way back we stopped at a rest facility made of concrete walls. It was where most of the people gather when a major typhoon hits the region. It looked safe and secure.


One Degree of Seperation

At a Charity Event in Long Beach, CA 2013 my best friend of more than 30 years, Renato, a.k.a. Bubbles, just happened to bump into a couple of famous Filipino Personalities. They couldn't resist having their pictures taken with Renato, so I'm sharing these photos with you now....

This is Derek Ramsey, a well-known Action Hero and all around nice guy!

And this is Venus Raj, a Major Major Beauty Queen and Miss Philippines 2010!


She is just as beautiful and nice in person as she is on the stage.


A truly lovely woman!


This is a rare public appearence of the Maryor of Oak St. and the lovely Lady I. (with Bubbles) at a recent family celebration.


When the Paparazzi suddenly mushroomed I had to be "the bad guy" and ensure they put their devices away..!


A sudden cold spell made a dip in the swimming pool an experience to remember!




This is Renato with his Nanay. She was always a caring, loving mother that enjoyed sharing her life, her home, and her food with all of her family and friends. A truly wonderful, lovely woman!


You can see Renato as a Restaurant critic on Adobo Nation, with L.A. Chika, on a YouTube video of Bamboo Bistro. Watch it by clicking here (he's at the 3:00 minute mark). Enjoy!



[ Editor's note:


As a human being, my opinion is that President Marcos should be allowed to be BURIED in the ground that he loved, in the land that he gave his life to.


I am shocked and appalled that the Philippine government of the Aquinos lets the body of President Marcos rest above ground because of disgraceful partisan politics.


That is truly sick and disgusting!


It is time that those that say "No" to grow up and act like true believers of your Catholic Faith; you cannot continue to desecrate his body and expect to get into Heaven - not allowing his body to be buried in the ground is very disturbing.


Shame on you and those that feel the same.


You have taking the teachings of the Bible and "flipped" the laws.


Do NOT pass that black spot on your heart to your next generation.


Heal the wound.


Behave like an Aristocrat; not like an aborigine!


It's time for YOU, Mr. President Aquino, to be the bigger man and forgive the desecrations on both sides.


Let his grieving wife bury her husband!


"TAMA NA!" is what the People Power Supporters declared before President Marcos left - now it's time for the flip.


Be the bigger man; acknowledge your religion.


Let his grieving wife bury her husband in the ground he loved!


Thank you, may God bless you with forgiveness.



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