The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

People call me Morris because my name is Morris...Duh!

People often ask me...


"Who Are YOU?"

For those of you that know the meaning of Melodic intonement

 then you'll appreciate how far I had to work after two TBI's (traumatic brain injury) with skull fractures.


To this day I still sing stupid sayings because I like the way the tones feel when they echo inside my head.


"Nationwide is on my side..."   ;-)



This is the spelling of Morris in Ancient Egyptian Hieroglyphics

You just might find “fragments” of my name scattered throughout the temples, artwork, and writings of days long gone by...


Who knows?


Maybe alot of those ancient writings are just variations of "Morris was here."


eh what?




What will your new little Morris be like?

It may all be in the numbers.

The numbers that make up your child's name.

Children named Morris are often ethical and dramatic but most of all they are  read more >>


Related Names


Morris is a form of the name Maurice.

Morris has the diminutive (nickname) Mo.





My Stepdad and half brothers used to call me "the little bastard" because my biological father was undeclared, my Surname is a variable often referred to as "X".


Therefore, I can truly state that I ... am an "X-Man"!




"We're everywhere!"


Sometimes I hear the whispers behind my back (“He’s just a Moron”, “a savant”, “some kind of phenomenon” – even “Old Mutant Ninja Turtle”; while still others try to pretend that they can guess my name (Hint: It’s not  Rumpelstiltskin!)


Sometimes I think that the Three Sisters of Fate decided go a little "Kha-Ray-Zee" when they decided to weave all of the details into the tapestry, the fabric, of my life!


My name is Morris, not Horace nor Horus nor Boris nor Satchmo; although with the right lighting they can all look like me – even Elvis! (“Thank you very much!”)


Like my good friend William likes to say “All the world's a stage, and all the men and women merely players”


On this Stage my role is that of a Storyteller.


My task is to try to generate “mental stimulation” within that calcium shell you call your head.


My words are meant to be read across the planet, to inspire generations yet to be, to fill your soul with comfort food for thought and to provide a never-ending vision of hope for a better tomorrow.


Your task is to spread the joy. Share the links that make you smile and laugh ... or "cry like little babies with wet diapers full of cold poo… !"


I exist on the Internet and when the Internet is broken I will no longer exist. My words will loose their hyperlinks and become only one dimensional, words with double meanings that will vaporize like smoke from an open bag of hot air.


Your role is to find that clever wizard that casts the spells that mesmerize the listeners - and once located you should bestow upon him great treasures of gold, diamonds and a never-ending supply of SPAM sandwiches in gratitude…!    ;-)


Now go out and have some good fun today!


I'll see you soon!





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