The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The Price of Limitless Power



What is limitless power really worth?


What if there was a limitless supply of energy that was hidden in plain view, a kinetic-energy "battery" of limitless potential, perhaps even disguised as a child’s toy that the adults forgot how to use?


Do you remember THAT story?


(No? Hint: Marco Polo and the Chinese steam toy that lead to the creation of the modern Steam Engine and beyond...)


And what if this new energy supply could do it all, supply power to lights and machines and all things that go buzz with a supply of energy that you can use with your existing energy infrastructure - with the option to not burn an ounce of fossil fuel and not to cause radiation pollution or other environmental damage?


One that also protects and provides strength and stability to all of the marvelous hydroelectric dams that your Ancestors built...


Energy Devices so small that existing cars and trucks and trains and planes could all be easily retrofitted or replaced or in the case of electric vehicles, could be used with little or NO modification?


A new golden age of jobs, not just in engineering but also in manufacturing, metals, mining, glass, plastics, infrastructure, water and high speed underground travel… but are the inhabitants of this planet really ready for such a technological and social change?


How much would YOU be willing to pay for a New World of Energy that does not rely on burning fossil fuels or irradiating stockpiles of used power cores?


The spirit of Nikola Tesla would probably say to give the Mo-Po Packs (Morris Power Packs, a.k.a. the "black box devices") to the Earthling Humans for free, but I prefer to be much more practical - I have many tasks to do on this planet and a short amount of time to do it.


Besides, I said LIMITLESS power, NOT FREE power.




There will always be government taxes, generating and distribution fees, restitution payments made in behalf of Criminals from their labor by repaying their debt to Society, etc., etc., etc.


Nothing of VALUE is ever FREE.


So how much is such an energy device worth?


How much of your “Earthling Money” is needed for this SECRET to be shared with the NEW American Economy?


The following video clip from an Austin Powers video expresses a reasonable amount quite nicely…skip the advertisement if you can, sometimes the "You Tube Marketing Dept" adds a horror movie "commercial" and I can't program my YouTube link around it. The food commercials look pretty tasty, though...


Click Here.


In a global economy valued in the TRILLIONS of dollars, what’s 100 billion dollars- but a small drop in the five-gallon bucket?


Wouldn’t it be great to know that there will always be a job for you, your children and your children’s’ children’s etc., etc., etc.?


Job Growth measured an average of one million new jobs per month or BETTER for DECADES and beyond?


I’ll even negotiate with a tough guy like Donald J. Trump and his Sons, Don and Eric, for a "great" deal with this beautiful Country known as America.


Think of it - four regional government manufacturing centers, each employing hundreds of thousands of human hands to assemble the various internal parts of each black box device, with millions of ancillary jobs in food, agricultural, transportation, housing, installation, conversions and interfaces- all good jobs with modest retirement packages.


And this does not include all of the jobs for the rebuilding of the energy infrastructure using HUGE underground "high-flow" transmission lines for all mission critical areas such as military, fire departments, water and sewage treatment, etc. etc. etc.


So many jobs that even criminals, refugees and migrants will have the opportunity to repay their debts to society through their physical labors!


Wow! What a concept!


Isn't that what we really need for a job stimulus?


A Co-ordinated Jobs Program that everyone can participate in?


Who needs that stinkin' ole oil technology when "good ole" American Ingenuity can create a new energy supply from a child's play toy?!


A new energy supply that will make all of the nations of the world salivate like starving dogs eyeing a juicy bone...


It's really not that hard to do.


Would you like to give it a try?


Go out and buy some toys - you know, TOYS... not those silly, hypnotic devices with batteries that you give to your innocent babies to "shut them up".


I'm talking about real toys, toys you can hold in your hands and maybe add or subtract pieces and explore the powers of magnets.


Your babies are smarter than you are, in the ways of imagination and universal logic, so do not pollute their minds with electronic devices just so you can have some "me" time.


They are your CHILDREN.


PLAY with them, TALK to them, TEACH them the difference between right and wrong.


Maybe you'll get lucky and stumble across the secret that is hidden inside all toys, like the secret to black box energy devices or the answer to Rubik's cube. 




you can cough up $100 Billion USD  and I'll make the heads explode on all your Smarty Pants...!


Duh -duh Whaaat?


It really is that easy. It's known as a "head slapper"!


As in the commercial "I could have had a V-8!"


------------ BLAST FROM THE PAST----


I also have an "American German Hybrid Solar Cannon" available if the government of America is interested... (Foo Balls not included).


I left the design plans in the Physics Department of Illinois Wesleyan University back in 1978 but I assume no one found them. Too bad. The upgrade is even better, though! Version 2.0 is a real beauty.




More jobs, better air, and a limitless supply of energy.


That's just the beginning of things that I need to do in a very short amount of time and why I cannot listen to the words of Nikola Tesla.


I am not Communist or a Socialist but a Public-Private Partnership would be very benefitial.


Who better than the U.S. Military to enforce distribuition and royalty rights around the world?


Who better than the U.S. Academics to inspire and solve the engineering riddles soon to be faced with?


And of course, who has the best financing than the U.S. Government?


So Black Box energy devices can best be implemented when the U.S. government has "skin in the game", when the need for jobs and more reliable energy becomes a focus for great wealth, eliminating trillions of dollars in debt every year and filling the coffers to enable 22nd century-style space exploration and beyond.


The question is - are YOU ready for an energy upgrade and a complete rebuilding of the World's Economies?


$100 billion dollars is just a tiny little insignificant amount. Trust me. You won't even miss it.


I prefer gold bars.


Think about it and let me know. I'll hang around for a couple of years, maybe seven.


Thank you very  much.



Morris Lee X






Since your former President Barack Huessin Obama was such a big spender:


$140 Billion in CASH to Iran

$125 Billion "Lost" by the Pentagon

$125 Billion "Lost" by the State Dept


then I have no quams for raising my price to




for Black Box Energy Devices.


You can pay over ten years with residuals for then next Great Year, okay?



 As a token of good faith, while I'm waiting, if someone wants to buy the Bob Hope Mansion in Toluca Lake, CA and sell it to me for one dollar, that would be great!!!


I also need a new Bentley Continental GTa Hawaiian Retreatmit dem Flugzeug (and fuel!) to get there for me and my Flock, a simple Hatteras for a man-cave, and some New clothes (I gotta look good when I meet the world, right?)



And while such Trinkets are fun to play with, if you really want to help build a solid future, then donate to your Church,  Synagogue, or Temples.


Your Religious Elders know how to put your  money to good use for great causes.


Me? I've got all that I need, thank you, but $100b 1 TRILLION US DOLLARS will make me smile broadly…!




And if you want to warm some hearts immediately then I suggest you make a donation to


The Boys and Girls Club of Hawaii...You can donate HERE. T.Y.

      (please add "Mother Phyllis Jean" to your own comments)


It's a great organization managed by many great people!






"I love you!"

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