The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of MOE - a.k.a. "Rocks that Burn"

Last updated: 12/9/2019


This is what the SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of Moe look like...kinda


[image removed for National Scurity ]


except there should be 200 to 2000 more rows of light, AND instead of green lights, each device contains "what-looks-like"  dozens of remote controlled multi-colored Christmas-tree LED lights glowing in the evening light!


Wow... so beutiful.


The modern, tall "Sky Scraper"  buildings of the many megalopolises will look so calming on a cool evening night  - with the soft glow of the SUPER solar cannons illuminating the streets and sidewalks like only a frosted LED bulb can. 


The soft glow at  night will resemble a time when the HUGE Alibaster Tower and the Huge alibaster basins were "fully charged" - and also glowing at night... at the temple of Abu Gorab @  ... some ten thousand years ago... while Chicago was c0vered by a one-mile-thick sheet of ice.


Really... Google "Was Chicago covered by a one mile thick sheet of ice 10,000 years ago? "


Wow. Now that's some fascinating Climate Change, right?


How long does a one mile thick sheet of ice take to melt?


Was that melting ice cuased by the activities of Man or is it a simple case of the alignment of the Northern Hemisphere during the rotation on one Great Year... towards the Sun or away from the Sun? Duh what? Google Great Year... but,  the in-depth Great Year Climate Change Debate is a story for next time, okay? I just could not resist adding that "temptation" to a Solar energy discussion.

Each ten foot section of a SUPER Solar Energy Cannon of Moe System generates a minimum of 40 watts of electricity, more than eneough energy needed to run two sets of LED light fixtures and the battery charger for a typical computer or other electronic hypnotic devices.


Yawn. "40 watts. That Small. Go away."


But when you consider that each floor, each story, could contain between 200 to 2,000 three-dimensional solar collectors, and that you may have  10-20-50-100+ stories of "the SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of Moe" devices installed on the side of your tall megalopolis building and - WOW!


100,000 to 500,000 light bulbs of energy per building - that's a lot of energy!


That' so big it's HUGE!


In addition to the energy benefits of the SUPER Solar Cannons of Moe there is also the insulting benefits of having these SUPER strong glass devices strapped onto the ouitside of your buildings. Our devices retain interior heat in winter and coolness in summer.


Clean hot air is generated by the SUPER Solar Cannons of Moe  and can be used for heating the interior of all buildings and enclosures, further drastically reducing expenditures for natural gas, electricity, heating oil.


The SUPER Solar Cannons of Moe pay for themselves in the first two years or less  and are designed to last 20 years or more if properly maintained.


Did I mention Jobs, Jobs, Jobs? Plenty of need for STEM graduates as well as manufacturing, trades and legal.


Utilizing part of the "business model" of entities such as Uber, Airbnb, etc we will work with local municiapliteis of all sizes to bring manufacturing back to America in Private/Public Partnerships that benefit the local community and provide a source of employment for local residents.


(Note: At no time will the Public Government control more than a 25% stake in each locality. We encourage Public Government to have "skin in the game" but never to have controlling interest. ) 


I call it "Think Small...  but in a BIG way!" ... can you dig it?


BTW: because the light falls within the boundaries of cities, States and Nations, tax revenue can be collected on the amount of sunlight used...come on, you knew it was coming...a tax on sunlight!


So move over, Elon Musk, there's a new visionary in town - and this New CAT has a whole bag full of tricks to dazzle and amaze the masses. @






Calling all angels! @


Just one look at the SUPER solar energy cannons of Moe  and you'll know it's all true. The Solar Energy Cannons are so simple, so basic - and yet so ... elegant ... that your DNA memories will instantly recognize it as a gift from the Sun.


Sniff, sniff. Do you smell that?


It smells like opportunity.


Confidentially... G.E. has all of the divisions that I need.  @


Interested? LMK. Buy me lunch and meet my birds, my feathered serpents, my white parrots, my goffin cockatoos. These Reptiles are a good judge of character and they are quite skilled at reading the magnetic fields of mammals.




Have a great day,


Morris Lee X

Los Angeles, CA



Want more?



What would YOU do if given a gift that would change the future?


Would you knock on doors of unknown characters - some nefarious - and pray that you find a good soul?


Or would you find a way to standout in the Public Square, perhaps on an OUTRAGEOUS Soap Box,  and then loudly proclaim your faith -  perhaps getting to know others that want to believe in Solar Magic... before revealing the true object of beauty to all?


So do you wanna do lunch sometime? Then I invite you to come to the Land of Skunkworks, Plant 42, and the #1 Aerospace Academy for youngsters grade 7 to 12. We're closer than you think... and our air is clean up here in the high desert.


BTW: Remember when Marco Polo returned from China and proceeded to the Royal Court?


"Behold, Your Highness! I bring you Rocks that Burn!" Marco Polo proclaimed loudly, holding up a large black rock above his head for all to see.


Instantly the great hall filled with laughter and jeers as the Elitist Buffoons could not contain themselves.


"Rocks that burn -ridiculous!"


"He's a moron!"


"No - he's a retard!"


"He's such a big retard - he must be the KING of Retards!"someone else called out.


Morris Polo simply walked over to one of the many torches that lined the great hall and set fire to one end of the lump of coal. Walking back to stand before the King, he held the flaming coal high above his head, bedazzling all with its' long orange flame, and once again said


"Behold, Your Highness! I bring you Rocks that Burn!"


And with that, a sudden silence filled the great hall as they all reveled at the Rock that did, indeed, ... Burn!


That is how Marco Polo saved all the Great Forests of Europe from being cut down and used as fuel. Bravo, good man, bravo.


One simple discovery - rocks that burn - literally changed the world!


Steam engines, gas engines, even the silly "rocket" engines can all be traced back to the "discovery" of coal. 


That one simple realization that rocks can, indeed,  burn... led to a whole new world of science and industry.


SUPER Solar energy Cannons of Moe?


Yeah, I've got that. Do you?



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Morris Lee X
Los Angeles, CA
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