The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of MOE

The OTHER, "undiscovered" Solar System


This is what the SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of MOE look like...kinda



except there should be 20 to 200 more columns of light, AND instead of green lights, each column contains "what-looks-like"  dozens of multi-colored Christmas-tree LED lights glowing in the evening light!


The modern, tall "Sky Scraper"  buildings of the megalopolises will look so beautiful at night with the soft glow from these solar cannons - much like when the alibaster Tower and the HUGE basins were fully charged and glowing at the temple of Abu Gorab @  some ten thousand years ago (while Chicago was c0vered by a one-mile-thick sheet of ice ("wanna talk about Climate Change"?) AND 3,000 years before the Biblical Great Flood erased most of the humans on this planet... when a HUGE SUPER Tsunami swept across the world when those ice sheets melted and slid into the oceans).

Each ten foot section of a SUPER Solar Energy Cannon of Moe system generates a minimum of 40 watts of electricity, more than eneough energy needed to run two sets of LED light fixtures and the battery charger for a typical computer or other electronic hypnotic device.


Yawn. "40 watts. That Small. Go away."


But when you consider that each floor, each story, could contain between 200 to 5,000 three-dimensional solar collectors, and that you may have  10-20-50-100+ stories of "the SUPER Solar Energy Cannons of Moe" devices installed on the side of your building and - WOW!


100,000 to 500,000 light bulbs of energy per building - that's a lot of energy!


That' so big it's HUGE!


Which is why I call it "Think Small ... in a BIG way!" ... can you dig it?


BTW: because the light falls within the boundaries of cities, States and Nations, tax revenue can be collected on the amount of sunlight used...come on, you knew it was coming...a tax on sunlight!


So move over, Elon Musk, there's a new visionary in town - and this New CAT has a whole bag of tricks to dazzle and amaze the masses. @






Calling all angels! @


Just one look at the SUPER solar energy collector devices and you'll know it's all true. The Solar Energy Cannons are so simple, so basic - and yet so ... elegant ... that your DNA memories will instantly recognize it as a gift from the Sun.


Expertise Needed in 3-man Teams


Auto glass manufacturing

Automobile tire manufacturing

Fluid engineering

Thermal dynamic engineering

Miniature electric motor manufacturing

Project Management

Legal Eagles


Confidentially... G.E. has all of the divisions that I need.  @


Sniff, sniff. Do you smell that?


It smells like opportunity - not gas!


Interested? LMK-Ok?


Have a great day,


Morris Lee X

Los Angeles, CA


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Morris Lee X
Los Angeles, CA
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