The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

Hollywood Retirement Club (HRC)

TV Sitcom


A weekly sitcom called the Hollywood Retirement Club (HRC), featuring some of the current and former stars in Sports, Music, Entertainment, Politics, etc.


The HRC is a fictional retirement community with an AWESOME Clubhouse. (It's actually many different concert halls around the world, but heh, it"s the magic of television, right?!)


Featured and regular guest actors have flashbacks to their younger days (exaggerated by younger stereo-type actors portraying them) and catch up to where they are now.


In addition to jokes about old stinkie hippies, old smelly jocks, and Old Politicians past their Time but still using Social Media to Annoy the Masses, will be some serious discussions about prescription drug abuse, STD's, elder abuse, and/or the death of a loved one, for example.


Perhaps some Baby Boomers will be able to recognize some of the same storylines in their life and at the same time, learn how to behave nicely when similar events happen...and not like a horrible prescription-drug abusing, spoiled-rotten and narcisstic Sister-In-Law, right?!



If you are trying to predict an election result, don't forget the MOE factor...!


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