The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

Wassup? Are your Eyes OPEN?


Wassup Video Gamers?


Is it really a good idea to create and market "games" of actual International Cityscapes, with actual exterior AND interior locations of police stations, government buildings, museums, jewelry, banks, schools, utilities, etc. , - realistic "games" that also allow small teams ( a.k.a. "cells" or "gangs") of gamers to communicate in an encrypted international environment (over the internet) as they plot the best use of their weapons and fire power to defeat the government authorities or die in glory trying?


Does this kind of "game"  sound like a problem to anyone else?


It seems like a perfect breeding ground for isolated, disenfranchised youth that would love to blow things up!


Social media is a side bar - the fruit of ISIS recruitment is in the "games". (such as and Assassins)


So -


Who creates such "games" and what are their real intentions?


The fact that they get paid by the Unsuspecting must be like icing on the cake.


Tisk. tisk.


Our own military should have such skill and attention to detail (and intel) before going into targeted attacks against ISIS, right?


3-D buildings in night vision, with doorways, stairways and guard stations pre-identified with staffing levels... is this a game or a road map for a terrorist?


Is it really a good idea to make this information freely available to anyone with a spare dollar?


Boo-hoo. The businesses that make and market these "games" may be forced to shut down, but boo-hoo. The makers of horse buggies are no longer in business.


At a minimum, it would be soooo easy to route the VOIP encrypted com line to a non-secret channel and add a statement that there is no expectation of privacy while gaming.


What does any gamers have to say to their fellow gamers that is so awful and so terribly secret that they don't want parents of the other gamers to possible see and review?


Sex. Drugs. Terrorism. Pedophiles. Gay Pedophile Sex. Gambling. Corrupt Businessmen and Corrupt Polititians, Con Artists, burglers, Gay Sex Pedophile Terrorists Geeks! ...yuk!




As parents and responisble adults, wouldn't you prefer to have a history file that you can review periodically, to find out what is being said to your children and what they are saying in reply?


And if you find a disgusting Sex Pedophile Geek making advances at your children, wouldn't you want to be able to notify the police, and give them the ability to easily trace back the VOIP file and find that horrible creature?


Your children are NOT "little adults".


It is your duty to protect your kids!


Demand that every game session contain an audio file that you can review in the privacy of your own home, without having to get a court subpoena to monitor the interactions of your own children!


This is a PARENTAL RIGHT that no game company should be able to refuse.


If the game makers don't want to do the right thing by request of the government, then it is up to People Power to launch a campaign to demand change - As the purchasers of the games and payer of subscription fees.


Use the power of the purse to just say NO.


No more secret encrypted safe zones where Human Predators can stalk the Youth of this world.


Shine a light on their dark channels and demand change.


Be the Adult. Protect your children.



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