The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013 ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X (scroll down for the menu)
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean  5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013   ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X(scroll down for the menu)

Morris Land -the Movie

If the comedians Leslie Nielsen @ and Mel Brooks @ had a movie baby, it would probably be called

Morris Land – the Movie!      

Four Main Stories:

1). The Global Asteroid Defense System (G.A.D.S.), a remote control fleet of what-looks-like giant yellow school buses with rocket boosters on the sides, constantly orbiting Venus and Uranus at 177,000 mph, saves the planet by “bus”-ting a large asteroid known as Planet X.

The Zodiac Orbital Occupancy Kommunity Settlement (Z.O.O.K.S.),

(G.A.D.S. -Z.O.O.K.S.) shaped like a GIANT Winnebago RV/Tour Bus, (think Star Wars BIG!) rams a final piece of asteroid “junk” (?), with cameo appearances in escape pods shaped like Herbie the Love Bug, Kit and the Knight Rider, Batmobile, John Daly (the golfer in bright plaid pants) on a golf cart that hits a beer can in space and spirals out of control, etc., etc., etc.

The final scene is a close up of a piece of the asteroid glowing as it burns in the Earth’s atmosphere. Movement is detected. As the camera zooms in you can see that in fissures and crevices’ are spiders, BIG UGLY

“Lava Tarantulas from Outer Space!” @

2).  American style football is replaced by Team Gladiator Sports, with sports betting sponsored by the schools to help pay for the Teachers and Janitors Retirement Fund. 100-man (and woman and variations thereof) compete with an Obstacle Tower for school victory and honor. @

The lives of a boy and a girl are followed through Pee Wee, Junior and Varsity competition. They kick butt and in the end find they love each other so very much that each are willing to sacrifice for the other. (re-telling of the Hairbrush and Watch Chain HCA story?)

3). Baby Boomers were faced with a choice – spend $55,000 per year for each  prisoner, refugee, or illegal immigrant processing OR put $50,000 into the Public Pension Fund and pay the Guardians of Justice $5000 to administer prisoner tracking and public works projects.

Criminals and such are now required to pay restitution to the victims AND to the State for ALL costs incurred, including detective pay, DNA tests and booking charges, all totaled up while leading to conviction. The more the guilty protest their innocence, when actually guilty, the more they have to work to reimbursement the State. Those not guilty pay no costs and possibly even receive a stipend for inconvenience.

Instead of physical prisons, criminals are fitted with a shiny thin metal collar with a GPS tracking module that records every movement of every day and an internal TASER that can be remotely activated.

Here's is the law for criminals:

If they try to take the neck collar off, their head explodes. @

If they try to escape from their assigned prison camp, their head explodes. @

If they let the battery drain completely, their head explodes. @

If they commit another crime while wearing a collar and the time/date GPS tracking puts them at the crime scene, their head explodes.@

Simple rules that even a simple criminal mind can understand.

“Don’t do the crime if you can’t do the time…”

Criminals do a variety of jobs, such as making bricks and digging trenches for the new HUGE tunnels that transports raw sewage to the Desert Sand Filters (for efficient recycling and reuse of fresh water at a TINY fraction of the desalination costs of sea water), where the “most deserving” criminals literally “scoop mud” in 8 hour shifts 24-hour day.

Emphasis is placed on criminals meeting their Daily Restitution Payment (DRP) before they receive any social benefit.

If criminals work extra hard they can earn enough credits, AFTER their DRP, to upgrade to a bed with a real mattress and a fried egg (with a 1/8 inch thick slice of fried SPAM) to go with their free slice of bread and the free glass of water that Society provides to those that live a criminal lifestyle.

Follow a “bad boy” fall from one dirty job to an even worse dirty job as foot in mouth disease illustrates how ”being bad” has negative repercussions, and follow a criminal that behaves, follows the rules, still lives at home and keeps his job while still wearing a criminal collar.

(Editors Note: The Ying and Yang of criminals in the 22nd Century will certainly cause a HEATED discussion - but isn't that what GOOD writers are supposed to do?  To make people THINK and TALK about controversial issues?

For the past 10,000 years criminals have worked to repay Society for their bad deeds.

It wasn't until the Baby Boomers -with the HUGE influx in both Criminals AND Lawyers, that conversations about Prison Labor Camps and the FREE medical and Dental Benefits for Criminals became a TABOO subject that everyone became too afraid to talk about.

Maybe treating Criminals BETTER than Law-abiding senior citizens is the wrong approach to Law and Order - hmm?


End Note.)

4)  This final episode is all about the “shiny black boxes”, the famous “Moe Po Packs”, Black Box eneregy devices the size of a standard moving box.

Everywhere you look you see the shiny black boxes, people walking on the streets carrying one, visible in the back seats of cars, on trucks that look like water delivery trucks but actually hauling hundreds of black boxes… Dad puts one in the car before he leaves for work, Mom puts a fresh one in the fridge, and little kids stand on them to get to the cookies in the kitchen cabinets.

A tour of an energy processing center through the eyes of the plant manager and his staff illustrates that even 27,000 years from now people are still doing tasks and facing the same kinds of problems that families face today.


The FINALE takes place in a HUGE stadium, packed with people, reminiscent of that great ending scene of the classic movie Spartacus and that classic phrase  “I am Spartacus!" @ .

First a white man in his late 30's stands up and says "I have the Mark of Moe!"

Then a black man and a Chinese man stand and say " I have the Mark of Moe."

A young woman in her mid 20's stands up. "I have the Mark of Moe."

A transgender (Caitlan Jenner?) repeats the line "I have the Mark of Moe." @

A cartoon of Santa Claus in his sleigh drifts across the screen.

"Ho!Ho! Ho! I have the Mark of Moe! Ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!" @

As the camera pulls back, the entire stadium repeats the phrase, doing the wave,  then the whole City, State, etc until we see the whole planet Earth from outer space, vibrating with the echo... and then the song called the "Indian Love Call" plays while a blue police box @ spirals across the upper part of the screen

roll credits...

roll Blooper reels....

fade to black.


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