The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013 ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X (scroll down for the menu)
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean  5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013   ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X(scroll down for the menu)

ACT III: Behind the Curtain

ACT III: Behind the Curtain


The Royal Family of the last Russian Tsar, also known as Saint Nicholas the Passion-Bearer @, knew their lives were in constant danger, with every move they made being watched by Subversives for both the Social Elites @ and the Bolsheviks @. If any member of the royal family were to survive they must be able to hide well and live off the land, avoiding those that might know their true name.

So it was that King Nickolas trained his children to be fighters. As a child, Anastasia had been trained to be a survivor, more like 'Xena Warrior Princess"
@ then like the Disney Fantasy of a little Princess @. They slept on hard cots, they learned how to catch, clean and cook their own rabbits and fish and they learned how to build shelters in the snow and ice @. The few servants that they did have did not call the children by their real (legal) names but only with nicknames that were known to very few people- so that the children would not respond if a stranger called them by their real (legal) names.

To those that know such things, they know that Anastasia Nikolaevna Romanova (my "Auntie Vena") of the Russian Royal Family was known as Rasputin's favorite. He taught her many of the secrets that he had learned over his lifetime, including the use of White Magic when it was needed. Emperor Nickolas and Rasputin both agreed that she would be the one to survive the horrible fate that awaited the Last Russian Tsar and his family.

So it was on a fateful late afternoon, with a light snow falling, that Rasputin stalled for more time, slowly putting on his thick winter coat and huge black hat to meet with "the Men of Higher Standing"
@ (that insisted he, Rasputin, appear before them) when he heard the sound he had been waiting for - the clapping of horse hoofs on the brick streets. Soon there was a rap on the door and a servant went to open it.

Standing at the doorway of the Royal Cottage was the "look-a-like" cousin of Anastasia, carrying with her a basket of fresh cheese and wine from the countryside
@. Rasputin greeted the cousin with a big smile and a big twinkle in his eye, whispering a private message in her ear as he also gave her a great big squeeze.

"My God has instructed me to tell Anastasia to travel East to find the dying boy... with the mark of the crescent moon ... then help to make his wish come true."

Moments later, as he stalled for even more time by removing a stone from his boot at the steps of the waiting carriage, Rasputin saw Anastasia emerge, dressed in the exact same clothes as those of her cousin. He watched with pride and great honor as Anastasia climbed into an old, rickety horse-drawn wagon driven by her husband-soon-to-be, Hans.

Rasputin and Anastasia flashed a knowing smile to each other, their eyes revealing the love and respect that each shared for the other. They both knew that they would never see each other again, that Rasputin's predictions were being fulfilled and that Rasputin himself would not be returning from his meeting. It gave Rasputin much hope to see Anastasia trade places with her cousin, knowing that her freedom and her lifeline would continue long without him in her life.

Rasputin knew that he was only an Actor on the Stage of Life and that the sacrifice of his life would ensure Anastasia's survival. It was but a small price to pay for the future of the world.

One week later the Tsar of Russia suddenly announced that he would host an immediate wedding celebration for his niece (which was actually his daughter, Anastasia), an elaborate feast with the finest of ballroom attire
@, featuring gold and diamonds and all manner of rare and precious stones. King Nicolas and his wife were able to see their youngest daughter married - and for that, their hearts and minds were calmed, for they knew that Anastasia would escape the terrible fate that they knew would soon be theirs - at the hands of the Social Elite and their Minions.

For you see, only twelve hours after Anastasia boarded an eastbound train for her honeymoon, with many of the Royal Family Jewels sewn into the hem of her wedding gown (and a Tiara made with real diamonds!
@), the remaining members of the Royal Family were rounded up like animals by the heathen Bolsheviks and then made to suffer for months before being brutally executed by the hands of those murderous cutthroats.

Anastasia went on to live a full life, one of adventure and thrills, living an amazing life as she searched for the link that Rasputin had foretold. Her travels took her across much of the world, always searching for the boy with the Mark of the Crescent Moon.

When she thought she would never find that for which she sought, as an old women she settled into the countryside near the small village of New Paris, Indiana, USA
@. -while most people thought that she was living in Paris France @! When those in her secret circle of friends told her of the nearly dead... very young... SUPER... Jew-"ish" boy - with the Crescent Moon stamped onto his chin, Anastasia knew that her life goal had been found!

From that point forward Anastasia could often be seen in the enclaves, lecture halls and private offices in the School of Medicine of the nearby Notre Dame University
@ (not Notre Dame Cathedral @), sponsoring research and scientific papers that revealed that the procedure of male circumcision reduced the risk of urinary tract infections in infants by 90% and the risk of penile cancer in older men by 50% or more, and that Circumcised men have a lower risk of getting HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, those that know that they know what they know - know... that the Mark of Moe can also be known as... "Touched by Anastasia!"

Now there's a surprise I'll bet you never saw coming!


Much like Rose @ in the movie “Titanic”, Anastasia touched many lives and inspired many of her followers to greatness. Her sweet, kind demeanor, her special magic, was passed on to all that she touched.

And when her time in space ended, her body was laid to rest for many years in the ground of America –then when the appointed time came, family loyalists moved her bones back to her homeland, to the land that gave her birth, so that she could once again be “discovered” and thus complete the circle of mystic wonderment for the Russian masses.

"Argh!" Rasputin snarled, realizing that his wine had been poisoned by the men of higher standing

"I'll cut you all!" he growled, pulling a large hunting knife from his boot and stabbing the hand of their Global Socialist Bureaucrat Leader
@, pinning his hand to the large wooden table. Their Leader wept like a little baby while two of his henchmen @ @ tried to free his hand while Rasputin pulled another hunting knife from his other boot and slashed his way to the door, injuring thirteen @ more of his captives @@before the Global Socialist Bureaucrats @ @ used their overwhelming force of numbers to pin Rasputin to the floor.

The demented Socialists 
@ took pleasure in using Rasputin's own hunting knife to cut off Rasputin's testicles (ouch!), and then they laughed with glee as they watched him bleed ... from their cruel ... cowardly... inhuman act.

"I curse your souls to an endless Hell!" Rasputin shouted at them. "Your children shall have no gender
@@ and your family name will be naught but dust in the wind!" @

The Social Elites @ panicked at his curse and one of them @ picked up a hand gun. He shot Rasputin in the chest, then shot him in the head but still Rasputin did not die. Totally frightened - with their minds spinning in fear, the Global Socialist @ bundled his body in a rug bound with heavy chains and took him to a nearby bridge.

As they raised his body over the bridge wall, the ancient soul inside Rasputin opened his eyes wide and said "I'll be back!" 

Wow. Talk about a shriek-fest! Oh my.

Many of the Social Elites
@@@@@@@ @ "made mud" in their trousers as their bodies shook with fear. They finished pushing his body into the river and then they ran away, crying like little babies wearing wet diapers, their arms and hands flailing wildly in the air as they ran.

When the body of Rasputin was found in the Spring, the chains around his body were gone, sending a cold chill up their collective spine. That is why the name of Rasputin is still feared to this day by the heathen Social Elites @ all around the world.

In the words of Wikipedia: "Accounts of his [Rasputin] life and influence were often been based on hearsay and rumor." 

The truth is that Rasputin had actually studied for many years in a monastery of the Russian Orthodox Church
@, where often the only thing to eat was moldy bread (which is why his body was able to tolerate large amounts of poison). Some might say that this period of time of religious reflection and eating the food of the poor was a "Three Sisters of Fate" @ thing - preparing him for his future destiny.

Rasputin became very popular with many of the Church Leaders in St Petersburg, even though Rasputin had no official position in the Church. Rasputin was known as a monk, a wanderer, a pilgrim that was influenced by the Khlyst religious sect
@ - and with his special, ah-hm," gift of length and girth", he quickly became a HUGE society figure known to all - including many of the wives of the Social Elites @!

After Rasputin used a simple White Magic Powder to cure the Emperor's hemophiliac son
@ (a magic formula gift from no less than the Great-Whatever-Granddaughter of the legendary Genghis Khan @ after a three-day, four night extremely passionate Kama Sutra session @) Rasputin was brought into the Royal Court where he used his knowledge of basic human behaviors to foretell events that were yet to happen.

Many of the Social Elites @ began to fear him... and they worked like a demon @ to disparage his reputation. The Social Elite @ in St Petersburg besmirched the name of Rasputin and created many fake news @ stories that demonized him. The uneducated and hypnotized @ Russian Peasants were easily mislead by their falsehoods.

Even to this day, the Social Elites
@ all around the World fear the name of Rasputin.


One word - Reincarnation
@ @.

The "Spark of Life" in a human body can be extremely strong and powerful, and such a strong electro-magnetic Soul can survive that which kills the ordinary human spirit- an electro-magnetic Soul so strong that it can even move a heavy stone
@ with the wave of a "hand" - before Reincarnating into a new human life shell that takes a walkabout...@


Many a Myth is based in Fact. Surprise!

And you thought Reincarnation was just an Urban Legend

Time to wake up, Mr. Wizard
@ @! The World could use a little Earth Magic @ right about now, don't you think?

Thank you, Auntie Vena, for helping to make a dying boys' wish come true. Now they do all look like me!... and it looks like your wish is coming true, too, Louie! @

How Outrageous, Right?!

Now go outside and get some sunshine today! Get off your couch, put that silly electronic hypnotic device @ down and talk (don't text) to those that share your life in real space.


Verbal communication and the sense of touch is a basic human need. Just say "NO!" to the FANG @ internet lifestyle - and Love the one you're with! @

Okay, I'll see you soon - or …maybe you'll see me - that good looking ordinary man across the room with a big grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye, looking as if he can see right into your very soul and fill it up with a great big, beautiful smile, filling you with such a rush of happiness and joy - he's there for several moments but then he's gone in the blink of an eye...that's a magic trick that I learned from Old Saint Nick @ when I was still just a little elf @...ho ho ho!

Remember that you are never truly alone and that I - will always love you!

Such as it has been written, so it shall always be.


Morris Lee X
writing live from a "Smallville" near Los Angeles, CA...

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