The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013 ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X (scroll down for the menu)
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean  5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013   ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X(scroll down for the menu)

The SUPER Cultural Revolution of Moe

The SUPER Cultural Revolution of Moe
Christian Warriors and Muslim Warriors UNITE to purge all Earth Societies of the godless Heathen Global Socialist Bureaucrats that seek to transform Man into a Slave of the Machines, crushed by Self-Righteous Bureaucrat Elites that claim to oh so much more smarter than the unwashed masses, by using the "Hiss of Shame" in Public and using Public Shaming on Facebook, Twitter and all of Social Media...!   
Oh wait - that's the Buttercup Revolution.
The Mythical SUPER Cultural Revolution of Moe is a little bit more... Medievil.
The SUPER Cultural Revolution of Moe can be summed it with the saying "I've had enough and I just can't take it anymore!"
The SUPER Cultural Revolution of Moe consists of Jewish Warriors, Christian Warriors, Muslim Warriors, Hindi Warriors, Buddhists, Taoists - even Dr Who-ites! - all people that believe in a religion or ideology that acknowledges a Superior Essence that protects and nourishes the Earthling Humans on their path of goodness, life, and greatness.
There has always been good and there has always been evil. Those that worship evil, like the Great Deceiver and his minions, are a destructive force that must not be appeased - they must be conquered and banished to the Modern Mines of King Solomon, where their worthless lives are given a  purpose for the benefit of Society.
Evil is deceptive like a hidden knife that is stabbed in the back.
It "used to be" that evil would wear a Uniform and would loudly proclaim their faith in Evil... but after World War II Evil found an easier pathway back into Society by luring the Baby Boomers with bedazzlers like LSD, Heroin, and promiscuous sex - anytime,  anywhere, like rabid animals that hump anything that moves!
It is the lack of Moral Ethics that has brought us to this point in God's Timeline.
... And He always sends a Hero!
Have a great day.


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