The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The SUPER Great Wall

Here a wall, there a wall, everywhere a wall, wall.


China built a Great Wall. Walls are used throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East. Even here, in one of the poorest ghettos of Los Angeles, a good concrete wall can literally make the difference between life and death when bullets start flying!


Walls are a good and ancient method to provide safety and security against hordes suddenly invading across the borders in great numbers, overwhelming the inhabitants in the blink of an've seen it happening in Europe on the T.V.!


But what kind of wall should we build?


Certainly we can do better than "just a wall".


We now look forward to the 22nd Century -the 21st Century way of thinking is so yesterday, so behind the times.


It is time that we leave the old technology behind and use the resources at our disposal to solve problems that our ancestors, even just two generations back, never envisioned.


So what kind of Wall best represents the upcoming "modern" 22nd Century lifestyle?


Multi-functional? Multi-purpose? Multi-tasking?


It's all about getting the biggest bang for our buck, for walls that do more than just stand there and look pretty.


In the late 1950’s and 1960’s the desire to win the "space race" led to many other developments, from engineering to infrastructure to many of todays’ modern conveniences.


We need the vision to understand the future needs of generations yet to be, to both save the world's resources and develop the infrastructure to support our children’s needs. We need to be more intelligent and more efficient in our use of recyclables as raw materials.


We also need to modernize our transportation and shipping methods and save some of the air in the upper atmosphere for the generations that follow us.


It is time to get smarter by combining the rebuilding of the Energy Distribution, Communication and Transportation Infrastructures to make these sectors much faster and more efficient than currently possible...


So what is a SUPER Great Wall?


The SUPER Great Wall is a “Revenue-Generating” BEHEMOTH, as many sections of the Super Great Wall are designated as themed-based National Cemeteries, with people dying to see their cremated remains encased in a commemorative brick (of varying donation levels) that is proudly displayed on “the Wall”.


(Note: 3 million “bricks” @ $2k avg = a $6 BILLION revenue stream – every year - FOREVER! $10b costs+$10b”landscaping” = $20b borrowed from SSA, repaid $2b/yr times 20 years = $40b. It’s a win-win-winner! )


Park-like settings, with paved parking lots, concession areas, casinos, golf courses, well-stocked fishing lakes, Sky slides down the wall, the World’s tallest Ferris Wheel (to see over the wall), Ski Resorts, etc., etc.,etc.  are all offered to the millions of visitors to the brand NEW, 2,000 mile long International Tourist Attraction each year.


("It's the Eigth Wonder of the World!")


So while we are waiting for Mexico, China, Japan, etc. etc. etc. to submit THEIR reimbursement payments for the Super Great Wall, we can continue to hire more agents and modernize incoming and outgoing passenger flow to reduce Terrorism risks.


This is a NEW Revenue Stream appealing to the Patriotic Values and the love of Veterans and everyday people that see great honor in making one final contribution to our great Nation. Who wouldn’t want to become another Brick in the Super Great Wall of X?   

  • Now that we have a NEW revenue stream for the Economy, the Super Great Wall is a Jobs Program, similar to the WPA – rebuilding the energy, communication and transportation infrastructure with Manpower, not just Machine Power, employing millions of workers across all job skills. The Super Great Wall (and the related underground “Tube System”, see below) is a job program that EVERYONE can participate in, especially skilled trades like carpenters, miners and engineers, for High School and College Graduates, and also for criminals, refugees and migrants to pay their debt to Society, “one shovelful at a time”…!
  • The Super Great Wall uses Recyclables as Raw Materials, especially all forms of plastic bottles, rubber tires, and moth-balled ships and autos. (Note: by making a simple change to your manufacturing process you can use electromagnets to easily “filter” and “grab” all manners of plastic bottles in a slurry of water, making the separation of plastic material a magnetic/mechanical process rather than a manual, by-hand selection process. (Later on you will discover how to use “magnetic frequencies” to further refine this process, as in how to pull out just water bottles, just soap containers, just plastic grocery bags… but first you have to learn to walk with magnets before you can run with magnets, right? I wouldn’t want to see you hurt yourself …!)
  • The Super Great Wall can trigger a financial investment bull market, benefitting individual investors, not just super banks. Each sector produces tangible results, with real value that you can see and touch, 22nd Century Envisioned Improvements in the infrastructure that have a very real and easily recognized benefit as opposed to an economy based on software vaporware and social media hype that benefit relatively few yet command such great control over Wall Street and the Political Theatre. American Steel, American Plastic, and American Sweat will build the Super Great Wall. It has results that can be seen, verified, and yes, even prayed to.
  • The Super Great Wall is designed for the 22nd Century and far beyond, with a totally new Transportation Super Star imbedded underneath it! Advances in flexible, “evacuated” Transport Tubes using mag-lev Ultra Fast Speedster Pods with Magnetic Oscillating Engines (M.O.E.) that reach speeds exceeding 2800+ mph are buried 177 feet beneath the Super Great Wall for safety at such high speeds! (Note: later generations of the Speedster Pods will lead to large studio apartment-sized “pods” that include quick-connect hookups for electrical, incoming and outgoing plumbing while the Pods are stored in “Parking Lots”, allowing you to take your home to work and then return to views of the beach, the mountains or wherever, in your own private pod…!
  • The SUPER Great Wall is also a rebuilding of the energy and communication infrastructure that uses super-cold metals inside flexible, lead-encased tubes filled with liquid hydrogen, buried deep below the Super Great Wall to protect the Utility Tubes from the environmental damage of solar flares and EMP events, conducting enormous amounts of electrical energy in the HUGE cables of solid gold (which also provide the energy source for the Ultra-HIGH-Speed (2800+ mph!) “Transportation Speedster Pods…”!)
  • Sections of the American side of the Super Great Wall are protected with interlinking geodesic domes that are covered with multiple alternating layers of earth and Mica, dolomite and magnesium suspended in layers of a plastic and rubber goo-paste for environmental protection. Some domes are used to grow edible hydroponic plants and fish for research and genetic preservation.
  • The Super Great Wall uses a component design concept and an implementation process that can be used to create colonies of humans on the moon, first, and then other places, such as passing asteroids with known short orbits of 30-50 years.  Does anyone want to catch a ride in space for a generation, mapping, mining and deploying communication beacons above and below the asteroid belts, for little money but lots of fame? How about clean water? Space travel requires efficient recycling of waste water beyond relying on a 50-year stockpile of reverse osmosis filters. How can this requirement benefit local communities as they participate in solving this clean water riddle in a variety of environments? The process used in the Northeast and the Southwest should be very different but the results should be the same – clean water!
  • The Super Great Wall is also a boom in Engineering and Education as we transition from the use of oil-based technology in favor of the limitless electrical energy of the kinetic energy "Batteries" (black box devices) adapted to fit the current (and upgraded) power grid, transportation vehicles and electronic devices (If Royalty arrangements are successful…!)  :-)
  • Magnetic Oscillating Engines (M.O.E.) - combined with the thrill of using gravity to break gravity will usher in a new 22nd century frontier of responsible space travel utilizing MOE  Ships.            

"Wouldn’t it be great to finally stop using those coal-fired Rocket Ships of yesteryear" and join the rest of the galaxy using wheels within wheels to propel your crafts forward in the currents of zero gravity of space?                       

It is time to leave the 1902 silent movie “A Trip to the Moon”... behind - and look forward to craft designed for the 22nd century, space crafts that do not need coal and gas to get off the ground. You have the minds to do it...really! I’ve seen the ships on your television sets already! Just like VHS tapes, you have to leave the past behind, especially with space travel, and go with the new technology. It will be FUN! And “Oh soooo exciting!”

  • And of course, the wall is THE WALL. Just a reminder that for varying donation levels, your cremated remains can be encased in a commemorative brick embedded in the wall, to be forever visible for thousands of your generations yet to come. Yes, you too can become “another brick in the wall!” (Corporate sponsorship of the areas around the “Official Portals”, similar to most Trade Shows (with Platinum, Gold and Silver levels) are also available for varying donation levels…! Nike? Taco Bell?)


Of course, technology from The SUPER Great Wall can be used elsewhere, across the country. The Federal Government creates the energy “trunk” and each municipalities determine how to link “branches” to it, using local laborers, criminals, refugees and migrants to assist in the implementation of public works projects operating from tent cities of military standards.

Perhaps bankrupt States (like Illinois) and entities like Puerto Rico should consider their own “cemetery wall” as a means for fiscal success...?


If you have the time, please feel free to explore the other short stories along the left side menu and "share the love- share the fun!".


Maybe some day everyone will know my name and will ask their favorite talk show host to "Get Moe" - Morris Lee X, that is!




"I love you, baby!"


Morris Lee X

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