The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013 ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X (scroll down for the menu)
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean  5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013   ...and assorted Short Stories by Morris Lee X(scroll down for the menu)

The time is right for "the Solex Agitator"

The time is right for a "Green New Energy Collector" that can withstand 200 mph gail force wind...


while also providing a translucent Exoskeleton for extra protection from the elements.
The Solex Agitator:
1). Provides 12volt DC power generation for immediate use.
2). Provides UV Treated hot air, free of viruses, disease, and bacteria
3). Provides a supplemental source of hot water
4). Provides an exoskeleton that strengthens the existing structure, making it resistant to the effects of earthquakes...or ramming by airplanes.
5). Provides an exoskeleton that insulates the interior from cold winds and the hot rays from the Sun
6). Absorbs and redirects the heat from the city's hardscape, harnessing that wasted energy and cooling the cities at nighttime
7). Transforms the existing, (under-utilized) legacy automobile manufacturing sectors into high tech Solex Agittor assembly plants
8). Provides employment for thousands of hemp farms that transform wasted greens into cardboard for shipping the Green New Energy Collectors across America ... and the World! Win win.
9). Through the Public Private Partnership, small cities and towns are revitalized with small scale manufacturing and installation teams to keep their young adults employed.
10). Oil Drillers and Frackers play a big part of the implementation plan for major cities, with talent and equipment that will be high in demand.
11). Because of sheer Logistic reasons, the "switch over" from legacy energy production facilities to the Green New Energy Collector will takes decades, perhaps even CENTURIES, so the transition will take time - it's not like all of the legacy energy production jobs disappear overnight but rather like a slow moving unstoppable train making its way down the track of God's timeline. Sha Zam, baby. Let it be.
12). A SUPER NEW Tax Revenue stream for local, State and Federal governments! Would you like to receive a per-unit tax or a percentage to the electricity created?
13). The Entropy Concentrator and Energy Conversion Component Module fits inside an 8" black cube, which is also a modular component designed to be easily "swapped out" every 50-100 years, perhaps longer, depending on a variety of variables.
So, just when will this Green New Energy Collector be revealed?
Soon. Very, very soon.
With the same attitude as Edward Leedskalnin, I don't feel the need to share the secret of the Solex Agitator, although the desire to display its beauty is quite tempting. When the time is right all shall be revealed.
Have a great day,
Morris Lee X
Los Angeles, CA
A video including the lyrics of Carly Simon's 1970's hit, Anticipation. Some of you might know her as the singer of You're So Vain, which I will also eventually upload a lyrics video of. I do not own 'Anticipation' by Carly Simon. UPDATE: Wow! 150+ views! Never thought I'd make it to 50! Thanks viewers! UPDATE: Woa! Can't believe I'm ...
Proof of concept?
Sure, if you are young and healthy then try this - on a hot (100 degree) summer day,  place a glass of ice in the cup holder of your vehicle. Park your vehicle in the sun, six feet away from other cars at 11:00am with all the windows rolled up and the doors locked.
At 3:01pm, quickly open the car, get in and close the door. Wow. Hot stuff, right? Whew. Try some water from the melted ice. Yuk - too hot to drink. Now get out before you wilt or start the vehicle and turn the air on.
You have just experienced what it is like to be inside the Entropy Concentrator. The Energy Conversion module sits on top of the Entropy Concentrator.
It's all very elementary.
If you have $100 million or more to invest then I'd luv to hear from you.
95% of the Solex Agitator is available with "off the shelf" parts from American-based manufacturers, including General Electric ("We bring good things to life"), Corning, Ford, Audi, Honda, Firestone, and Goodyear, just to mention a few of the Suppliers available for full production.
4% of the design can be hammered out in a work-week using digital printers, a real time saver over the "lost wax" process that was the only game available just ten years ago.
The Solex Agitator is loaded with geometric equations from Stonehenge, the Great Pyramid of Egypt AND the great pyramid of Cholula to create a device that HARNESSES Infared Radiation (commonly known as "heat").
"It's quite elementary, Mr. Watson."
Think of the "Solex" in the James Bond 007 movie "The Man with the Golden Gun". While entertaining, the only element of the Solex Truth in the movie is the size of the Solex - the rest is just fantasy, using 1970's logic and understanding of solar power.
The Grean NEW Energy Concentrator and the Solex Agitator are one and the same.
The Final 1%?
That is the knowledge to assemble the pieces into a coherent unit capable of capturing immense heat in the form of Ultraviolet and Infared Radiation. It's very basic once you see the units assembled - and just like Velcro, you'll wonder why you didn't think of it first!
"The Solex Agitator" is not hype.  The benefits described above are real, just waiting to be discovered.
"Come on Man - what the heck have you got to lose?!"
A truly GREAT "Super Solex" (solar energy converter) does not use photoelectric
technology - it uses ENTROPY (the movement of energy from hot to cold) as the power source for producing electricity, hot, purified air, AND hot water.
It's easy to do once you know how to harness entropy.
Making a working model, using off the shelf parts from local sources, is now a real possibility in this time zone.
It's just a Matter of Time.
Are YOU ready for the Kingdom of Light?
Have a great day,
Morris Lee X
Los Angeles, CA
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