The Life Story of Mother Phyllis Jean 5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013
                                 The Life Story of   Mother Phyllis Jean   5/15/1930 - 7/17/2013

The SUPER Mark of Moe also known as "Touched by Anatasia"

"...the Most OUTRAGEOUS Comedy - Ever!"

                                           - some famous person

Editor's Note: This is a Sci-Fi Tragicomedy @ in Three Acts, written "Wikipedia-Style" (with hyperlinks to many Popular You Tube videos by clicking on the "@" symbol). It is designed as an Internet-Interactive Experience. Are YOU experienced?


Jack Nicholson, Taylor Swift, Louis Armstrong and the Beatles are just a small sample of the incredible talent assembled for this historic tale!


For those of you that are unfamiliar with the meaning of a Tragicomedy:


Act I is a tragedy that invokes strong emotions; you might feel sorrow, anger, rage, hatred and/or disgust. Hopefully your eyes will well with tears and your mind will race at the flood of real human emotions unfelt for many a year.


Act I can be extremely upsetting for the Privileged Class that has never had to eat moldy bread as the only food available to stay alive or had to hold onto a loved one as they passed away in their arms from the lack of urgent medical care...which is why Act I is known as "A Travel Thru Hell".


Act II is the transition, a light heart whimsical expansion of the ending to Act I.
Act III brings in the Elements of Drama that began in Act I with a Comedic ending that will leave you laughing so hard that your sides will ache! @


Such is the nature of a Tragic Comedy... which is represented by the two Theatrical Masks of Sad and Happy at the start of this story. You get both faces in this historic tale of "The SUPER Mark of Moe"! Enjoy!


[Please Note: If you are not a fan of Drama and "Crying like a Baby", then you can skip most of Act I and just read the last section "What is the Mark of Moe?", then proceed to Act II OR Act III, it's up to you. Just like Burger King, you can have it your way. With the SUPER Mark of Moe, there's something for everyone, a Comedy Tonight! ]

Prelude #1


If you like stories with a surprise ending - and just a touch of magic - then you'll really enjoy this one!


This BOLD comedy (i.e. Adult) is in the same genre as the 2016 movie "Deadpool" @ or the 2015 classic film "Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse" @ - with a touch from the movies "Hellboy" @ and a snippet or two from "Young Frankenstein" @.


It's just good fun! "Don't have a COW, man" @.


BUT- when you finish reading ACT III, do you think you can handle the truth  @?


Or will the revelation of startling hidden secrets totally... blow... your... mind @?


If you dream with envy of living in a godless Star Trek Society @ then you need to remember one very simple, one very basic Scientific Fact:


Science shows no mercy.


There is no Doctor Who  @ can prescribe a pill called Humanity, nor will you find Humanity by devoting your life to a shiny piece of phosphorus glass @.

Humanity is taught in your Churches, your Synagogues, and your Temples.


Return there now - for behold! I bring you 


Startling Secrets Revealed!


if you feel so inclined, please share the link but not the surprise ending.


Thank you,

Aloha @,

Morris Lee X

From the City of Angels - of course!


Prelude #2


Please note that this website uses many hyperlinks to Popular YouTube video clips.


Sometimes the” YouTube Marketing Department” adds a commercial before the linked video starts.


If the ” YouTube Marketing Department” plays a commercial for the latest horror movie or Dork-Show then please push the "Skip" button because I can't program my website around the ” YouTube Marketing Department”.


The restaurant commercials look pretty tasty, though...



Prelude #3


One Last Note:

I am a high function X with seizure episodes. I have had two skull fractures, two TBI's and twice in a coma. I am a survivor @.


My Mother Phyllis Jean has passed away and so I write to keep her memory alive and to see her smiling face in her favorite photo every single day. ("I love you, Mom!")


In the words of William Shakespeare "Life is a story best told by an idiot."


I think I qualify to tell this tale, right?

My Moms' husband was not my biological father, but I still had to call him "Dad".


He was a very, Very, VERY bad man. @

This background information will be helpful as you discover Startling Secrets Revealed!



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